19 May 2010

Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not one bit simpler.

Simplifying my life has proven a seriously complex endeavor! But the last two weeks since graduation have been eventful and promising!

Having survived the fun of graduation weekend, I embarked on the epic moving process. Though we aren't technically "moving" for 8 weeks, I am determined to get a massive head start in the organization department, especially since our move involves a huge downsizing effort. We had to sign a May lease, so, technically, we already live in New Orleans. Last weekend, we took advantage and drove down to check out our new neighborhood! We're in LOVE with our new place and the location is to. die. for. B is way excited to start classes in the fall, so now I just need a job!

We were wicked fired up to eat seafood while we still can. Along with other fabulous new NO residents, we walked down to Magazine and were sad to see that Casamento's posted hours ended 15 minutes before we arrived. We resigned ourselves to finding somewhere else (not like that's a problem on Magazine), but a local informed us that they would be open an extra hour for their last day of the season!

It was a fab weekend, and I can't wait to go back next week!

Also, last week we had a send-off shindig for this shrinker

who is spending a glamorous summer in Ecuador! It's the flouncy, flouncy. We drank margaritas and sang karaoke! It was so very! Summer in Oxford will just not be the same without that slut!

This weekend will be my and B's "eleventy-onesies" anniversary! That's together 11/married 1 years! Here we are last May, alone (minus our random tourist photog)on the beach in Costa Rica, reading our vows to the accompaniment of a punk version of REO Speedwagon's "I'm Gonna Keep on Lovin' You." Perfection!

We'll be celebrating with a fancy dinner and by purchasing a fab guest bed for our new place so we'll be all set up to host all you beautiful people!

I've done zero sewing this week, but I'm organizing a group of crafty ladies to meet weekly this summer so I will always have a bit of time to create!

I hope your summer is welcoming you! We've all had one hell of a spring! Here's to a season devoid of disaster, full of friends, fun, and sunny inspiration!

10 May 2010

The great aim of education is not knowledge but action.

The Epic Semester of Doom known as Spring 2010 has officially ended with the submission of grades this afternoon. I am done taking classes; please don't ask me what my next degree will be in - I've sworn off school indefinitely! Now I can settle into my planning for summer classes and feel relieved that all of my energy can be devoted to teaching and to the ever constant organizing and packing of our house.

My dad drove down for my graduation weekend, which was a great respite after a very hectic week! I did not attend commencement (there's been enough wearing of black polyester in the Mississippi humidity for me, thank you), but we had a grand time going out, cooking out and enjoying the company of good friends.

Now that I've had a bit of time to be creative (and now that I got a new camera for graduation! Thundercats, Ho!!!), I can share my latest graduation endeavors:

For Friday night, the Graduation Dress Challenge! I had three hours waiting for my dad to arrive and decided to tackle a wearable muslin. In the end, it took three hours and 20 minutes. And I don't think it turned out half bad, considering how quickly it was constructed, and the fact that it originated as a 99 cent curtain panel from Salvation Army:

For Graduation Day, the Graduation-Superhero-Retro-A-Go-Go-Party-Girl Dress! I worked on this one bit by bit in my spare moments during finals week! It began its life as one of my childhood bedsheets!

And, during the last crazy weeks of the semester, nothing can make you feel more girly and giggly than coming home to this brood:

06 May 2010

If you can imagine it, you can achieve it; if you can dream it, you can become it.

8 years.

That is how long I've been a student.

As of 3:00 pm, Thursday, 6 May 2010, that era has ended.

Feel free to call me Master-Master Jess now.