19 February 2016

Long time no.....

How has it been 3 years since I visited my little blog! It seems like everyday I tell myself to write and suddenly a lifetime of adventures have gone undocumented!

I have no hope of chronicling 3 years today, so I will, as in so many aspects of my life, start fresh yet again....

It is 2016! Wowee! This year, I turn 39, which seems like it should feel important, but it doesn't.

What does feel important is the huge sense of personal change I recognize in myself since that last blog post! Professionally, I've grown into my work in a way it seemed I never would. Personally, I've had a rough go - fluctuating in health, drive, interests, and energy more dramatically than the characters in an after school special.

So, what do I tell you, now that I am, for the moment, back?

Nowadays I:

1. Play ukulele - who would have ever guessed! I even have a YouTube channel!

2. Ride my bicycle every day! - It's my favorite part of the day!

3. Eat really badly and enjoy it! - I finally realized I am allowed to be happy and fat at the same time!

4. Swim! - Every morning, in fact - to balance out all that delicious food!

5. Have 3 cats, but one is new. We lost our Annie a couple of years ago, and now we have wild monster Harriet keeping all of us on our toes!

6. Sail as often as possible! - I've conquered (for the most part) my anxiety on the water!

That's my update for now, let's see if I can get this going again!