01 May 2011

Rufus had the right idea today....

It's been a super lazy Sunday around here. Though Jazz Fest is rampaging on across town, Bryan's exams (and my desperate need for a summer job) kept us close to home this weekend. This week, as a whole, was relatively low key on the adventure front. But even a girl like me needs a break from all the fun-ness every once in a while. Here are a few of the things I did get up to this week...in no particular order(not pictured: Wednesday matinee movie: The Bells of St Mary's!)

On a walk in the park, McCoy and I spotted a van with this (and other) fabulous bumper stickers. The van was from Portico Construction, and I loved all the affirmative slogans plastered on it, some of which were quite lengthy. But I mostly loved the simplicity of this one. It's almost screaming, "I dare you!" huh?....Or maybe it was just me...

So, I've once again embarked on an over the top diet plan which seems to be slowly *but surely* working....HOWEVER...just as I laid off the dieting for the Best Chefs Fundraiser I mentioned in my last post, I laid off for Easter....AND HOW!!!! I made these muy deliciosos cake truffles from this Recipe Rhapsody recipe They were truly divine!....and I have sworn to not make them again until I have a much more robust work out ethic...

So much of the last two weeks (well, the semester in general) has been spent *helping* B get through finals. By *helping,* I mostly mean staying out of his way, and trying not to distract him too much with my epic hours of television-watching...But every once in a while, the best *help* he can get comes from our Annie (the oldest of our furry children).

Also this week, I got an impromptu phone call from Banacek, who needed me to come and help her move a coffin.....yep.

Don't be totally creeped out, she's turning it into a fab bookshelf!

This one is a warning pic. I'm OCD and on a complex diet. Much of my little brain's capacity is almost constantly preoccupied with food these days. The above pic is the amazing lunch I had a few days ago: baked chicken with fresh oregano and rosemary from my garden, turkey sausage, and a bit of fresh pureed tomatoes. The salad is fresh spinach with basil, mint, and tarragon (also from my garden), a tiny bit of blue cheese crumbles, and a couple of sliced grapes. Clearly this was my major chowdown for the day, and totally worth it!

This coming week, I'll be preoccupied with trying to find a summer day job. Cross your fingers that I can find a casual restaurant/bar where people will want to throw money at me 4 or 5 days a week!