01 January 2011

For last year's words belong to last year's language and next year's words await another voice.

Happy New Year, everyone!...

Yes, yes. I know it's a bit late, but 2011 started fast and hasn't slowed down yet. SO much has happened since the end of fall semester! To make up for lost time (and yet not bore you to tears with the most epic blog ever), I'm going to post 3 catch up blogs: one about my New Years "resolutions", one about my recent cooking endeavors, and one about my recent sewing projects!

For many years, I essentially scoffed at the whole tradition of making New Years resolutions. It seemed so counter-intuitive to me to make myself an unrealistic promise to improve my life; a promise which by design begins on a day when I'm destined to be horrifically hungover. However, I grew tired of having no particular liminal tradition associated with the passing of the years, so I began re-thinking my anti-resolution resolve.

Now, I choose to make a New Years "To Do List" instead of prohibiting myself from tasty foods, guilting myself into approximately 10 days of exercise, or denying myself experiences that, quite frankly, make my little life more enjoyable. My To Do list doesn't include any items that are realistically unattainable, in fact, many of them are quite small. They are simply things that I would like to see myself do over the next 12 months.

So, here goes!

2011: The Year of Exploration...and General Fun...

1. Explore Flexibility:

Stretch, mentally and physically, every day.

2. Explore Possibilities:

Discover a new place or experience in New Orleans at least once a month.

3. Explore Potential:

Continue only thrifting, refashioning, or making clothes and gifts. (This was the first dress I made after taking the Wardrobe Refashion pledge last January).

4. Explore Heritage:

Cook from vintage recipes, utilize snail mail more, and finish Omi's quilt

5. Explore Exciting-ness:

Become more interesting (Thanks, Bill!): I'm not sure how to go about this, but I'll try!

6. Explore Opportunities:

Sell something I made/Educate self more on selling my creations

My actual To Do list could be quite a bit longer; there are about a zillion other little things I want to do this year, and I keep writing them down. These are just the major trends on my agenda. That, and I didn't think I'd bore you with such gems as: Set the TV sleep timer if you're going to fall asleep to Law & Order reruns before 11pm, or Don't forget that whole "liquor before beer" thing next time...

So far, this "do this" technique has worked better for me than the usual "don't do that" method. If it works for you, I want to know your big plans for 2011!

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