22 August 2010

She refused to be bored chiefly because she wasn't boring.

What an exciting weekend! After a lot of exploration, I now feel like I LIVE here! Counting down the fabulous events of the last few days:

1. I set up my sewing machine!!!!! I don't have pictures right now, but I've done several refashions and made one dress from scratch (though I don't really love it). It's so comforting and refreshing to return to my favorite creative hobby!

2. We went to a midnight movie, something I haven't been able to do since we left Kentucky a decade ago! We saw "Human Centipede," and I frankly don't understand why it is becoming a cult classic. It was gross, as anticipated, but otherwise a pretty weak movie. However, I thoroughly enjoyed going to some new-to-us neighborhood bars before the movie and the peaceful walk home at 3am.

3. I bought a bicycle!!!!! Her name is Sally, and Bryan's bike totally has a crush on this green piece of cuteness!Oh, and the skirt I'm wearing in the pic is a refashion from an old cute-but-ill-fitting dress.

4. After buying Sally, we went to the Creole Creamery for some ice cream decadence! They have all sorts of ingenious and unexpected flavors. This is me enjoying the Mascarpone and Lemon Zest flavor! Bryan had two scoops: Oatmeal Cookie and Bosque Pear with Balsamic Caramel!

5. After a much needed nap, we drove out to the marina to watch the sunset! It was beautiful! The skirt in the second pic is also one of my weekend refashions.

6. And after THAT, we walked down to Magazine for a couple of beers while we watched the Saints game. I'm trying my best to become a football fan, but I admit to being a bad student on this front. When we left Ms. Mae's after the game, we stopped in a local gallery opening where we sipped free wine and met some cool artists! It felt awesome to say that we were "from the neighborhood"!

7. Today we rode our bikes to La Boulangerie (MY FAVORITE!!!!) for French pastry and coffee and then continued on to Audubon Park for a leisurely ride! We stopped for a New Orleans style snoball! With the 110 heat index, it was a necessary pitstop!

Aah, now we're home to relax for a bit! I know that not every weekend here will be as exciting as this weekend, but I'm so grateful for a few days of truly getting familiar with my new stomping grounds! I hope your weekend was wonderful too!!!

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  1. Love the bike. I would feel so cool cruisin around town on it.