05 November 2010

A lot of people like snow. I find it to be an unnecessary freezing of water.

Whatever my mother told you about a childhood Just Jess running around in the snow in nothing but panties, chanting "I-like-the-cold-I-like-the-cold-I-like-the-cold"....wait, she didn't tell you? Well, winter is NOT for me. Give me steamy, sweaty, breeze-less summer days!

Last night was the first time this year I had to crawl out of my blanket cocoon to turn on the furnace. This morning was the first time my poor little bare feet had to brave the chilly floor (*note to self: find slippers*). Today was the first time I had to don not only a jacket, but a long sleeve blouse, to go to work. It is the first day I've had to feel that miserable ear ache that comes from walking in a cold wind.

I don't mind all of this, but I'm not exactly thrilled about it either. Fortunately, I live in a city with a relatively merciful winter season. And another bout of warmer temperatures is predicted for next week. But tonight will be the first night I'll have to lug around a coat at happy hour, and spend half my time peeling off/putting on layers of clothing. Ugh. When I'm out on a Friday night, the only things I want in my hands are a)a cocktail b)my cute little e-cigarette or c)my camera.

On the bright side, last weekend, the weather was magnificent! Halloween the high was 82 and the low was 65! And I was super happy with how our costumes turned out! (all from scratch except for my t-shirt and Bryan's shoes!)

All weekend I hung out with some of the coolest people you could know, and met some new folks in the process!

Though my epic Halloween weekend ended kind of badly (cab driver pulled over and threatened by cops, me = hit in the face by random Halloween reveler - LONG story), overall a good time was had by all! The only thing that could have made it better (besides possibly not being sucker-punched)was if my old Halloween-loving Oxford peeps had been here. I miss you all, so much!

I hope your Halloween was creepy and full of sweet treats! Now, onto surviving this chilly weekend! Have a great one and be safe!


  1. That Silent bob is really good.

    I have an on again off again love affair with winter. Wisconsin winters can be harsh and frustrating. While other days I love dressing in layers and sweaters and building fortresses in the snow.

  2. Ooh, girl! I lived in the Northeast when I was a kid, but nothing compared to Wisconsin winters! The only things I like about cold weather are curling up with some knitting and drinking hot beverages! Stay warm up there!

  3. I already miss steamy, sweaty, breeze-less summer days. Especially spending them on the porches, patios, and carports of O-Town with YOU!

  4. Aw, Shrinker! I miss daytime drinking with you too! Turns out it's a pretty popular pastime in New Orleans, as well, so I'll be all ready for whenever you can get your narrow behind down here!