27 March 2011

We live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm and adventure. There is no end to the adventures that we can have if only we seek them with our eyes open

A POSSIBLE NEW BLOGGING ADVENTURE: A couple of years back, my best friend and I waxed drunk about having our own reality show, called “Jess and Jill Do Belize.” It was going to be a tasteful mix of educational documentary a la Time Team America (showing our day jobs as Mesoamerican archaeologists) and Taradise (documenting pretty much what you’d expect). We even pitched our idea to a couple of Discovery Channel guys over a keg of cheap beer one night, but to no avail. That show just wasn’t in the cards for us…PS - Did you know my gallant husband was IN Time Team America? Yeah, he's pretty much awesome!

But today, I was reminded of that little adventure-y dream by a dear friend, who I like to call McCoy. McCoy and I, along with gal pals Banacek and Magnum (I’m Fletcher), go on near-daily adventures in this, the most made-of-fun city on Earth! We’ve done so much in the last week, it’s almost too epic to post about here, so I’ll just make a quick list:

Super Sunday Festivities!!!

Banacek and Fletcher’s Crawfish Feast!

McCoy and Fletcher Take the Zoo by Storm!

Champagne with Strawberries at the Prytania Theater Classic matinee, Double Indemnity!

McCoy, Banacek, and Fletcher Tour the Aquarium!

And, of course, there are too many happy hours to document! In fact, since I started writing this draft, I've had 60 amazing Facebook pictures worth of fun, so watch out for new posts soon!

Oh, yeah. And I got a haircut and a new tattoo with money I would normally spend on cigarettes!!!!

So, McCoy came by my office on Thursday to discuss our plans to try and get ourselves in to the upcoming Wheel of Fortune tapings at the Convention Center (McCoy beat the hell out of Wheel of Fortune two years ago, officially making her my most famous friend ever!!!). We decided to take an impromptu picnic in the park because the weather was TOO PERFECT.

While enjoying our admittedly jealousy-inspiring lives, we discussed how awesome it would be if our jobs were just to BE US. If we could get paid to explore the city and write about it, it would be the most awesome thing ever!

Well, it was only lunchtime, so we hadn’t been drinking yet, and couldn’t actually convince ourselves that this was a realistic idea.

However, we did decide that it would be a great idea to start a new blog, where we document daily our biggest and smallest New Orleans adventures. We’ll write about our food, our sunburns, free excursions, splurges, shopping (ok, window shopping, who am I kidding), drinking, crafting, taking photos, meeting cool people, meeting not-so-cool people, and, in general, everything we do and see that represents why we love this town so much and why all of you should love it too! We'll be operating on a teeny-tiny little shoestring budget, so that anyone could replicate our journeys. What do you think?

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  1. I think I would love to hear about your adventures in New Orleans, even if it was only a weekly entry on your regular blog.
    Congrats on the new 'do and tattoo with your ex-cigarette money!