12 April 2011

Hasty, apologetic catch-up post: Take 1

Spring in New Orleans is full-on festival season!....I mean, it’s not like we don’t have festivals year round, but April is offering day after day of potential adventures packed three or four deep!

Last Friday night (oops! Two Fridays ago now, I AM behind on my posting!), I went to a friend’s birthday happy hour! It was a super good time (too good, I might have said the next day)! I am so grateful to have met such amazing people since I moved here!

Somehow, I managed to get up early that Saturday morning without much of a hangover (quitting smoking has helped dramatically in the hangover department), and traveled with friends down to the Crescent City Farmers Market, it’s Saturday morning location is downtown in the CBD. I was able to buy fresh strawberries and stock up on my plants for the season! A woman who saw me with my giant plant purchase called me the "Muses of Plants!"

After the market, McCoy, the Equalizer, and I took the streetcar to the French Quarter for the 2011 Road Food Festival. Royal Street was lined with dozens of tail-gating tents, each offering unique and delicious-sounding treats!

As if we didn’t gorge ourselves enough at Road Food, McCoy and I couldn’t resist a crawfish feast in my backyard on Sunday morning. The sun was out, and it was just a perfect time! After pigging out on spicy, salty deliciousness, we played the fun and grotesque "Pose the Crawdad Corpse" game!

As you’ve seen, the Adventure Team and I have taken to going to the noon Classic Movie Matinee at the Prytania Theater. Two weeks ago, the selection was Giant, and, in tribute to the late, great Elizabeth Taylor, we smuggled in champagne and a strawberry cream cheese pie! Don’t worry, we support local business (we got drinks and popcorn too!) Wow, does living in this town make it difficult to be on a diet!

I even made that blue cotton dress just for the occasion!

The rest of that week managed to be only slightly mundane, as I live in the town of Winning, and even Thursday afternoon bike rides are beautiful and made of fun! But, Saturday morning, New Orleans was ready to get its festival on again!

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