12 April 2011

Hasty, apologetic catch-up post: The Final Chapter

I really am going to try and not to get so behind on posting from here on out, but there’s just so little time and so much to do!!!! I hope you’re having a great week! Here's the last of my catching up posts, and this one has a little good news, and a LOT of SAD!!!! You have been warned...

Last weekend was the French Quarter Festival! It's a huge, 4-day extravaganza of great music at 20 stages throughout the Quarter....and it's FREE! I must admit, I did not properly partake of the festival this year, only watching one band perform (The Pinettes, an all-female brass band!), but I still had an extremely busy weekend!

Saturday morning, my friend Pickle Freak and I had way too much fun with spray paint and cheap, plastic flower pots! Look at the transformation of this ugly, green mess (rescued from a neighbor's trash bin) into shiny red happiness! Now my little garden is colorful and cheery!

I also made this fabulous Empire Strikes Back dress! Oh yes, folks! I re-found my stash of childhood bedsheets!!!

Sunday, I lazed around with the TMC Elizabeth Taylor marathon and some fancy cheeses!!!!


My beautiful little green bicycle, Sally, was STOLEN RIGHT OFF MY FRONT PORCH!!!! I was (and still am a bit) devastated. Sally is, by all accounts, a worthless bike (the basket is worth more than the actual bike)....WORTHLESS TO ANYONE BUT ME!!! I truly loved my little friend. She got me through quitting smoking, and we've spent time together every single day! Bikes get stolen with extreme frequency here, and I'm not even overly surprised that someone finally noticed the craptastic cable lock I was using. And I feel extremely petty for being so sad about this loss, but I can't seem to help it. There will be another bicycle for me one day. And a better lock. Until then, thanks, Sally, you were a good bike. Farewell.

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  1. For your next bike: You should be able to register your bike with the city police. They give you a serial number and it's usually pretty cheap. That way if it's stolen, you can report it and they know to check found/recovered bikes for your serial number. Especially something like a green vintage bike that will visually stand out from regular bikes.