17 April 2011

There is no cure for birth and death save to enjoy the interval.

Well, this week has been a little quieter than the last few...but just a little!

After my bike was stolen, I spent two days in quite a funk. I was pouty and whiny, and, in general, not much fun to be around.

Fortunately, Wednesday came quickly. McCoy and I made our usual lunchtime trek to the Prytania Theater, where we watched "Laura," a great noir film starring Dana Andrews and Gene Tierney. I love watching these classic films every Wednesday. It provides me with an amazing sense of nostalgia and a desire to create beautiful things, to be around beautiful things, and to adopt a more romantic perspective in general.

We decided to take a break from our usual Wednesday trek to the zoo/aquarium since I'm off work all next week. So, I went home to sew! I've made two wearable muslins this week out of some good quality thrifted bedsheets. I plan to make several summer dresses from multiple patterns, in search of the perfect pattern for this fun Day of the Dead fabric I got at Joann's. I don't plan to make this dress until I've lost a bit more weight, but I want to have the perfect pattern picked out!

I'm pretty happy with both of them, though I'm definitely leaning more toward the halter pattern for the skull fabric. Something really strange happened with the zipper on the green dress, but that's fixable. Both dresses fit well and the fabric is soft and breathes really nicely...important, as "spring" in New Orleans has already brought +90 days!

All that sewing put my brain back in a peaceful place. My good friend, Pickle Freak, loaned me her bike so I can still get around and be exercised, and the last half of my pre-spring break week at work was quite enjoyable.

Tomorrow is McCoy's 30th birthday, so a full weekend of fun celebrations has already begun! Friday, Bryan and I hosted McCoy, Banacek, Pickle Freak, and the Equalizer for a birthday cookout and crawfish feast! I made two birthday cakes: one for McCoy, and a belated one for my sweet husband, who didn't get one for his b-day a few weeks ago (*pouty face: I'm a terrible wife!!!*).

Crawfish Feasting! Oh, and hey! Don't my plants look great?

Jac's "Happy Super Rad Birthday Weekend of Doom" Cake: Lemon with Cream Cheese frosting and gummy creatures

Bryan's "Creed Sux" belated birthday cake: Chocolate Fudge with Coconut Pecan frosting and chocolate Ichthus fish

Yesterday, the birthday festivities involved going to the Convention Center to watch a taping of WHEEL OF FORTUNE!!!! It was so fun and interesting! I can't blog about details until the episodes actually air, but plan for a more detailed account mid-May!

Today's fun will commence in the French Quarter, where karaoke will happen. Oh yes! I'm ashamed to say that I haven't been to karaoke, not once, since we moved here! So, expect hilarity in the form of pictures and commentary soon!

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