22 November 2009

Pollyanna Moments, The First

One of the things that prompted me to start this blog (besides a clear need to waste more time) was a moment last week when I read a little article hypothesizing what would happen if, every time we catch ourselves saying "I have to do _____" we catch ourselves and say "I get to do ___________" instead. It's a change of only one word, but what a dramatic change in meaning....yes, I am aware what a dork I am, thanks.

I started thinking about days in my past that just make me grin from ear to ear thinking about them. Memories that brighten my whole day, even though they have long since passed. Recollections of events that could never be planned or recreated, but manifest themselves in completely organic and unexpected ways...I decided I would periodically write a little blog in memory of those moments as a shout out to those who shared them with me.

Pollyanna Memory 1:


It was a friend's birthday. One of my best girls, S.W. was hosting an intimate little party with all the usual ladies. I wasn't feeling so hot, but convinced myself to go do a little well-wishing and have one, only one, drink with the birthday girl.

As the evening progressed, I began to feel better...to even believe that I had never been sick in the first place, go figure.

One by one, the guests trickled away, until S.W. and I were left alone...with entirely too many bottles of booze...

Happy banter, mindless dancing, and abundant laughter led to sunrise, when we toasted the day's light with shots of tequila...several of them...

Around 7am, we decided we needed some coffee. So we bundled up, careful to arm ourselves with cash and a sippy-cup full of coconut rum (do not ask, I don't know).
We got coffee. We trampled through the cemetary and all around the Square, photographing anything that took our interest.

Finally, around noon, S.W. and I scrambled through the large patch of brambles behind my house, mucking ourselves up pretty damned well in the process. We collapsed in my living room with the biggest stupidest grins all over our faces.

What made this the first Pollyanna moment I will try to recall on truly shitty mornings is the fact that, through over 12 hours of drinking, dancing, hiking, and chatting at a fevered pitch, I don't think we ever stopped laughing once the entire time.

Thanks, S.W.! I miss you!

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