29 November 2009

A New Day

Having completed the final tedious (and relatively pointless) set of epic grammar exercises for my online class, I'm feeling relieved, motivated, and reflective. As I quickly catch up on recent Facebook activity and ponder the events of the past week, I sit content, sipping green tea and anticipating the rest of the year.

How much will happen in the upcoming weeks? How much do I want to relish (or grieve) from the past? How much to I want to alter in the immediate future?

I've come to realize that self-reflection is only worthwhile if it is done for the purpose of modifying future behavior. So, in the interest of constructive reflection (as opposed to holiday-themed pity-partying), my goal for the rest of the year is not only to reflect on 2009, but to begin creating my goals for 2010.

Yes, folks, this means you can expect several Pollyanna-ish blogs...for at least as long as I stay caffeinated.

Enjoy the beginning of the last week of classes! This is the only November 29th 2009 we will ever have.

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