22 March 2010

For a list of all the ways technology has failed to improve the quality of life, please press three.

My plan for today was to blog about my spring break adventures in New York and post some pretty pictures. Upon returning to my office this morning after an amazingly hectic week "off," I was devastated to encounter my empty desk and remember that my work computer was taken away by the secret agents of the IT department before spring break. To top things off, for whatever reason, my laptop cannot see the OleMiss wireless network. My only means of logging on to the interwebs is via a coworker's computer. Of course, none of my pretty pics are accessible here, so my fabulous photo-bedazzled blog will have to wait til I get home tonight.

Overall, my life has been stressful of late. Many things, good and bad, have stretched my sanity to incredible reaches. I'll detail the New York trip in my next post. There has been no crafting for over a week!!! Yipes! Hopefully more creative things soon! My grandmother is still in the ICU, but stable. Our dreams of owning a house in New Orleans were dashed....for now at least, but we are still feeling optimistic about the future! Though my brain feels a little like Shibuya Crossing at rush hour right now, all will be well soon...

The weather today is frightful! What a horrible, grey re-introduction to the work week! Feeling a little under the weather, but hoping some tomato soup will cure that right up!

This week will continue to be a strain on my mind and emotions, but if I can get through comprehensive exams at the end of the week, everything else should be downhill.....*crossing fingers*

Until later, enjoy today! I hope the weather is better wherever you are!


  1. I too have been down a computer. My home computer is tired and old... ahhh the things we have in common... A fix is coming, I hope but it's a drag since that's where a lot of my pictures are!

  2. Oh.... Sorry about the house. There will be better things in store I'm sure...