22 March 2010

New York City is itself a detective story...

For spring break this year, Sweet Pickles and I chaperoned a group of 10 adults and 2 children on a cultural excursion to New York City. We were in luck with the surprisingly spring-like weather and the fortunate location of our hotel in proximity to plenty of bars, restaurants, and shops. We met with some frustrations along the way (most concerning time management *insert image of JustJess twitching here*), but also had some truly wonderful experiences. Here is a seriously abridged account of our trip presented in images of things I love about New York:

One of the things I always love about cities is all the little details, like this elevator control panel in our hotel
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I also love art museums! Here is the Solomon R. Guggenheim!

I love how big cities revel in their history and culture, and it is evidenced on every street corner, from Central Park to Chinatown:

It wouldn't be a true JustJess big city adventure without great food and a visit to a gay bar (at least one of which I don't have access to in Oxford). Appetizers from The Hummus Place and Candle Bar:

And, of course, shopping!

This trip was a whirlwind, and I'm glad to be home! I hope you all enjoyed your spring break!


  1. I have no idea what went wrong with the pictures here....hmmmm

  2. two posts in one day. yes. I love the food cart in the museum photo.

  3. Great shots! You shoot like I did before I had children and everything became kiddo related... sigh... I would love to get back to NYC one day. Glad you had a great trip.
    Can I start calling B Sweet Pickles as well?