06 March 2010

Take rest; a field that has rested gives a bountiful crop

The last two weeks have been a maelstrom around here! My grandmother has been terribly ill, and is still in the ICU, but is doing a bit better today. It is BEAUTIFUL outside, and my plans are to do a bit of cleaning, a bit of crafting, and a LOT of well-earned relaxing!

Sweet Pickles and I have been manically preparing for our spring break trip to NYC! We're accompanying 10 students on a cultural excursion which should prove to be very exciting! Finally! All the arrangements are in place,and we can relax...and watch Party Girl for inspiration...

B and I are driving ourselves crazy trying to work out our fall plans to move - this is one aspect of my life which will remain a little stressful for a while, but it's worth it! I've been crazy hectic at work the last two weeks, but am finally getting into my groove! I've even made time to do some crafting this week...a freestyle amigurumi project which turned into a pig-like creature:

And my new obsession - Portable Pockets: the money hiding version. These are for Sweet Pickles and myself for our NY trip. The pouches loop onto your belt and are low-profile enough to tuck into your pants to keep your moolah safe! I'm thinking about trying to perfect the pattern today so that I can make them for all my friends who travel a lot!

That's it for now! Go enjoy this fabulous day!


  1. I heart my portable pocket! AND spending the nice summer-like afternoon with ya!!

  2. OK... So how did I miss out on the fact that you have a blog????