21 February 2010

Change is the constant, the signal for rebirth, the egg of the phoenix

I know this post is a little premature (as we're expecting another cold front next week), but I just can't help it - today it feels like spring!!

Every year there is a quick moment in which I remember how much I love driving around with the windows down, music blaring. It conjures happy memories, not of specific occasions, but of familiar feelings: content, bubbly childlike joy, and mischievous adolescent glee. Of course, I was driving to rescue B, whose car battery was dead across town, but I didn't care, it was fab!

Here's the first moment of what we'll call pre-spring here at our casa:

Changing seasons are always times for other sorts of change! In addition to my re-fashion challenge and my goal of continually cleaning, organizing, and packing my house in prep for the upcoming move, here are a couple of other things that the seasons will change:

It's almost officially time to let Tori out of the box. Spring is for redheads! I'm going to stick with the green for 2-3 more weeks so as to not jinx the seasons, but look out for glam photos soon!

Time to switch drinks! The time of bourbon and dark beer is past (as any of you who suffered my incessant chatter on Friday night will appreciate)! Bring on light summer cocktails! Look for my famous iced teas and lemonades at parties soon!

Time to clean out the carport! Now that it won't be utter misery to step outdoors, I have to prep our fave party space for springtime fun!

Time to get back to the gym! With fab travel opportunities upcoming and the prospects of short skirts and sundresses looming, it's time to zumba away those holiday pounds!

Alright, I've been inside too long while writing this! Going outside to play!

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