14 February 2010

A weekend to blog home about!

Wow! This weekend has been a whirlwind of exciting times! For week's I've been anticipating "A Night at the Boom Boom Room;" a local BURLESQUE and FIRE show!!! It was amazing!!!! I only wish we had more fabulousness like this in Oxford regularly! After the show we went to the Jucifer show at Larry's. This was possibly the loudest show I've ever seen, but with ear plugs (I'm no longer 18, y'all) it was a decent time.

Unfortch, because I had SUCH a good time at the Boom Boom Room and subsequent Scandinavian Death Metal extravaganza, I was pretty much out of commission all day Saturday. So that night, B and I rented a soon-to-be classic: Saw VI, and got us a hot-n-ready Little Caesar's cheese pizza!

This morning, I felt refreshed and crafty again! Hoorah! I made my first ever amigurumi, which looks absolutely nothing like the picture on the pattern, but I'm still proud of my attempt. Then I got really ambitious...

Baking is something that I've always been very wary of. There is too much chemistry involved, and therefore WAY too many opportunities for me to create catastrophe...but I decided to go for it today!

I made FROM SCRATCH Iced Spiced Pumpkin cookies (recipe from allrecipes.com)...and they are TERRIFF!!!

I packed up some cookies and got dolled up. B and I had a fab V-Day dinner at Taylor Groc! Then we dashed to a friend's house to watch Big Love (LOVE slutty mormons!)Now, home-again-home-again and crossing fingers that we get some winter weather so I don't have to go to work tomorrow!

Oh, and I made this hat during polygamist drama...I call it the "Mrs Olsen."

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