11 February 2010

Feeling crafty...

Maybe it's because it's Thursday (Project Runway night!)...maybe it's because I'm procrastinating at work (shocking, I know)....maybe it's because I'm a crafty sort of girl....and maybe it's because I've been feeling like this blog needs a little bit of a theme.

Whatever the reason, I've been exploring fabulously themed blogs (celebrity gossip, movies,sewing, crafting, more crafting), and trying to get inspired about something creative. Helping my friend set up his blog last night made me feel like writing some fiction, reading about re-fashioning had me off to Goodwill, where i purchased some fabulously bad dresses to experiment with, looking at ugly tattoos just made me feel giggly, and realizing I'm badly in need of a haircut...made me wish my girl BH still lived here...

I don't think my blog will ever have a single theme, but I'm going to try, for the next few weeks, to incorporate some of these ideas into my blogging. My hope is that this pledge will inspire me to do creative things outside of the blogosphere....wish me luck!

1 comment:

  1. Shrinker, you don't NEED a theme. This blog's theme should just be YOU! :)