19 February 2010

My Crafty Week!...and some fun pics!

Whew! This week has been a whirlwind! But somehow I've managed to get caught up on work, tidy the house a bit, and do just enough thrifting to keep me crafting this weekend!

B and I had fabulous news this week! Nothing official yet on our moving destination, but we're getting MUCH closer! Decision to hopefully be revealed soon!

I babysat for a friend this week (two boys, 3 and 10), and learned several things about how non-child-proofed my life is!

a) I cleaned like crazy, picking up every cat toy and fuzzball that I thought might cause problems for my 3 year old charge....but somehow didn't notice the GIANT bowl of candy on my coffee table. Let's just say, the little guy noticed.
b) I gathered together all sorts of craft supplies to occupy the boys, but the most popular item by far was a 79 cent bag of balloons...

c) FYI - Windex gets bloodstains out of children's t-shirts really well!
d) FYI - I don't own a single dish appropriate for feeding children.
e) FYI - I don't own many DVDs appropriate for family viewing (go figure)...we ended up watching my favorite classic "Swiss Family Robinson"

Last night one of my besties and I watched Project Runway!...and also some of that Olympics thing...I wanted to show B one of the male skater's ridiculous costume, so I took a photo of the screen. Never done that before, and it doesn't show the costume well, but I thought it turned out cool...

Oh, and one more thing! Here are the objects of this weekend's re-fashioning! I can't wait to take some scissors to these thrifted beauties!!!

After shots coming soon!

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